The Method

Metabolic Testing

Don’t just guess when cutting calories. We use indirect calorimetry to measure your individual metabolism and give you a plan tailored to your body. No guess work.

  • Metabolic Test to determine individual metabolism
  • Fat loss or performance plan based on your test results
  • Detailed daily plan to get your calories just right
  • Macro-nutrient breakdown for your goals – you’ll know exactly what you need to eat

Nutrition Counseling

Metabolism changes with activity, stress, and diet. We’ll guide you through the process, retest your metabolism, adjust your goals, and help you every step of the way.

  • Monthly Metabolic Testing
  • Weekly guidance
  • Regular calorie and macro-nutrient adjustments to keep you progressing towards your goals and feeling great
  • Community Access

F5 Community

You aren’t in this alone! You’ll become part of our F5 community and share recipes, tips, and keep each other accountable. There’s strength in community and a wealth of great tips!

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