Thanksgiving Survival Guide: 10 Tips to Make It Through The Long Weekend

We see and feel it every year: The end of November starts to creep around the corner -Hello, Thanksgiving!- and suddenly everyone is sliding down a slippery, weight gain slope covered in mashed potatoes and gravy (actually, that doesn’t sound too bad). Whether it is social pressures from family and friends, added stress from busy schedules and your in laws, or just unusual travel schedules and limited access to our normal routines, people seem to succumb to overeating during the holidays.

NEVER FEAR! This year, we have 10 tips for you to survive the Thanksgiving table madness, and these tips will even help you into the New Year.

Read on, turkeys.

1. Eat slowly and enjoy every bite.

It can be so easy to devour everything as quickly as you can because it tastes so, darn, good. But, don’t. Take your time to have conversations with the people sitting at your table and ENJOY what you’re eating. Not to mention, the slower you eat, the easier it is for your body to digest the food you eat since your saliva and teeth begin the digestive process, which means less chance for stomach aches and gas after the meal (you know you get it, too).

2. Go back for seconds.

Yeah, you read that right! Don’t stuff your plate the first time. Take small portions of everything to give yourself permission to get seconds. You’ll be more likely to eat less overall. What’s a good way to keep your plate from getting too full the first time? Make sure you can see parts of plate underneath all of your food – the edges don’t count. *cough* Don’t cheat by stacking food vertically, either. *cough*

3. DON’T starve yourself the day of the feast.

Going into the big feast without anything to eat beforehand is a terrible idea. Unless you eat a Thanksgiving brunch, eat something earlier in the day to satisfy your hunger and hold you over until dinner. It might even be enough to keep you from going crazy at the buffet table.

4. Fill your days with physical activity.

Give yourself a reason to celebrate! Encourage your family members to come with you, even if it’s just an extra-long walk around the block. Filling your spare time during the day with physical activity rather than sedentary activities will give you some extra wiggle room when it comes to indulging. Are you traveling for the holiday? Check out’s interactive map of affiliates across the WORLD to find one close to you!


Get outside and enjoy the mild weather!

5. Save room for dessert.

Eat less during the meal if you know Grandma’s pumpkin pie is waiting for you after dinner. It’s okay to indulge in dessert, just make sure it’s not going to make you sick to have dessert. You won’t enjoy it as much if that happens, anyway!

6. Track as much as you can.

Awareness is key. If you’re eating at home, be “that person” who weighs and measures their food. Eating at someone else’s home? Give it your best guess. Whether or not you give yourself permission to eat in excess, you’ll at least know HOW MUCH excess.

7. Follow the 80/20 rule.

Don’t beat yourself up about following your macros to a “T”. Give yourself the leeway to enjoy yourself while you’re surrounded by family and friends.

8. Bring your own dish!

Make macro-friendly food for everyone to enjoy- know what’s in it and the nutrition facts per serving to help you stay accountable. Not to mention, whoever is hosting your feast will probably appreciate the pitch-in!

9. Go in with a plan to stick to your goals.

Consider how you will say no to family and friends pressuring you to try their dish. I wouldn’t tell a lie, but fibbing won’t really hurt (tell them you’re too full? You probably will be anyway!) Also consider how you can encourage others to come to the gym with you or participate in physical activity.


Be CONFIDENT in your plan. Be CONFIDENT in your goals. If anyone judges you, it’s only because they are jealous of the work you’re putting in and the gains you’re making. Instead, most people will be impressed by your will power, knowledge, and you can even whip out these 10 tips as a topic of convo at the dinner table 😉

What happens if you do go crazy, don’t follow any of the suggestions and just eat everything and anything and feel like crap after? DON’T FREAK OUT! Just like any other day, if you fall off of the wagon it’s OKAY! Nothing is ruined, you can easily hop back on the next morning!

Happy Thanksgiving, Gobble Gobble!


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