12 Healthy Halloween Treats That Will Leave You Screaming For More

Three things come to my mind when I think about Halloween: Pumpkins, Costumes, and CANDY. There is nothing worse (or better) than anticipating the post-candy binge stomach ache that happens every year, regardless of how much I try to resist. Well, I’m here to tell you: NOT THIS YEAR! Sure, I’ll let myself indulge in a piece or two, but there is no way I’ll be caking my teeth with caramel and chocolate when there are substantially less sugar-laden options. I asked for some of your favorite Halloween-time treats, and took some time to look for healthier alternatives to your indulgences! Check them out below.

Clementine Pumpkins

Not only are clementines the easiest on-the-go snack ever, but they also act as an adorable centerpiece for a Halloween party! Just draw on a jack-o-lantern face with a permanent marker (preferably a food-safe one) and you can have your kids help you out too! Pack them for yourself as a pre- or post-workout snack, or throw them in your kiddos’ lunch box for a happy (and healthy) Halloween surprise!


Mummy banana “Boo-Nana” Popsicles

I LOVE this idea from Well Plated because there is absolutely nothing better than a banana. One suggestion to modify the recipe: Use PLAIN Greek yogurt and avoid the vanilla flavored stuff that’s packed with sugars. If you want to add vanilla flavor, add a teaspoon of vanilla extract to your mixture. I also highly recommend peanut butter or dark chocolate drizzle.

“Devil”ed Eggs 

Deviled eggs have been a party classic for decades, but they’re often stuffed with unneccesary calories and fat. Check out this recipe that uses siracha and avocadoes from Cookin’ Canuck (and how fun are the peppers as devil horns?). You can also decorate with black olives to make some creepy spiders.


Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

After carving your perfect pumpkin, you’ll have A TON of seeds leftover that you scooped out. Don’t throw them away! Wash and dry them and use them to make one of these absolutely delicious roasted pumpkin seed flavors.



Caramel Apple Nachos or “Poison Apple Nachos”

I mean, do I need to say anything more? Still sugary and sweet, but gives you the opportunity to control the amount of toppings. Not to mention apples are in season and less calories, carbohydrates AND fat dense than the traditional tortilla chip.

Graveyard 7 Layer Dip

Use this recipe from Beach Body On Demand, but layer to look like the photo! Option to put the beans or a dark salsa on the top layer instead of the bottom for a spooky setting!

 Dark Chocolate-Dipped Marshmallows

Marshmallows are definitely a better option for your sweet tooth than other things, but be wary of quantity. If you can’t control yourself, opt for chocolate-covered bananas. Cover with Halloween-colored sprinkles or decorate them with pretzel rods to look like spider legs.


 Candy Corn Fruit Parfait 

I know it’s not the real thing, but it fits the color scheme and the sugars from the whipped cream, pineapple and orange slices will leave your sweet tooth satisfied. Try to avoid using canned fruit and opt for the real stuff- canned is packed in syrup with tons of added sugars. Perfect for parties as individual servings or in one large glass serving bowl.

Halloween-Inspired Veggie and Fruit Trays

Just because sweets are synonymous with Halloween doesn’t mean you can or should scrap fruits and veggies altogether! Use Halloween colors and shapes.

  • Halloween-colored veggies: cauliflower, carrots, orange bell pepper, sweet potato, yellow bell pepper, olives
  • Fruit: oranges, pineapple, apple slices, banana, cantaloupe, blackberries, black grapes

Harvest Trail Mix 

The recipe linked/shown is a little more intense than a traditional Harvest Trail Mix, so if you aren’t feeling so ambitious you can stick to a simpler combo: rice chex, roasted nuts (pecans, walnuts, cashews), pepitas, pumpkin pie spice, optional dark chocolate chips, dried fruit, pretzels, the works!

Homemade Chocolate Peanut Butter/Almond Butter Cups

Y’all know I love me some PaleOMG, and her recipe for chocolate almond butter cups is the perfect homemade version to satisfy your urgent need to buy three packages of Reese’s Pumpkins at the grocery store check out line (you know you do it). Looking for a store bought version that won’t completely kill you? Look for Justin’s brand peanut butter cups- they’re a little more expensive and made with nicer ingredients (think dark chocolate and organic pb) so you won’t be tempted to buy a zillion of them and you won’t feel totally guilty after.


If you can bear to skip the alcohol altogether, we highly recommend taking that route (everyone loves the DD!). But if you’re going to indulge, consider drinking clear liquors (vodka and gin) with clear mixers or natural fruits. Hosting a party? Try one of these recipes for a lighter, less-guilty indulgence!

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